Digital learning and mentoring to make you communicate with clarity and confidence.

Today, every professional is a Communicator. When you design a communication campaign, deliver a speech or write an email, expectations are high. And regardless of whether your job is all about communication or only a part of it, there is always room for improvement.

After training a total of 15.000 professionals combined,
Joe Pélissier, Yacine Kouhen and Charlélie Jourdan have joined forces to publish a series of online courses that solve most of the challenges of modern professionals.

From writing better emails to presenting on camera or creating impactful technical stories, they analysed thousands of real case studies to create a series of short, intensive and practical training courses to solve their needs.

by Joe Pelissier, Agency Owner


1 hour - practical

How To Write Successful eMails
At Work

Improve business communications and
productivity by writing emails that are quick
and easy to understand…

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by Yacine Kouhen, Coach and Copywriter


2 hours - practical

Look and sound professional in front
of a camera

Develop your ability to simplify complex
messages, guide the audience well and make
the message truly memorable…

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by Charlelie Jourdan, Strategist


3 hours - intensive

Turn the most technical projects
into appealing stories

A step-by-step method for project managers
to turn any complex topic into an impactful
and appealing story…

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by Yacine Kouhen, Coach and Copywriter

PowerPoint 101

2 hours - practical

Learn how to create great ppt

A practical course on how to apply basic design principle to build effective ppt presentations

by Yacine Kouhen, Coach and Copywriter

Presentation Skills Package- Camera Edition

4 hours - practical

Deliver great presentations with all the tools in the box

"Speak In Front Of a Camera" and "PowerPoint 101" in one single package

by Joe Pelissier, Agency Owner

Writing for the Web & Digital Media

2 hour - practical

Discover web writing tricks and tips that make what you write memorable and engaging.

by Charlelie Jourdan, Strategist


2 hours - intensive

10 Communication strategy principles

The ten principles of communication a professional need to master to have more impact and make decisions

by Joe Pelissier, Agency Owner

Content Marketing Know-how

2 hour - practical

Learn how to drive awareness and engagement with proven content marketing strategies and tactics.

by Yacine Kouhen, Coach and Copywriter

Promotional Videos 101

2 hours - practical

Create your own simple promotional videos

How to create basic videos to promote your work: from script to editing, music and image choice, an easy approach available to anyone

by Charlelie Jourdan, Strategist


2 hours - intensive

Conversion funnel and digital marketing
for non-profits

How to attract more users, keep contact and multiply engagement with our organisation


Joe Pélissier

Joe is Managing Director of Pélissier, a
communications agency that provides
advice, mentoring and training for those
looking to develop their skills in sales,
branding, marketing and client experience.
He has experience of working with large
multi-cultural brands as well as SMEs and

With over 25 years spent working in the
world of media and business
communication, organisations who have
benefited from his experience include the
European Commission, European
Parliament, England Rugby, Oxford
University ContEd, Royal Academy of
Engineering, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and

Yacine Kouhen

Like most Communication Specialists,
Yacine wears several hats.

As a Trainer, he has boosted the skills of
more than 5000 people in the fields of
Public Speaking, Visual Communication
and Communication Campaigns. He is
considered as a reference in the field with
unprecedented satisfaction rates.

As a Coach, he has worked closely with TED
speakers and top level managers from
Fortune 500 companies and International
Organisations on their public speaking and
leadership skills.

As a Copywriter, he has won awards with
prestigious brands such as Renault and
wrote various campaigns that garnered
millions of views on social networks.

Charlélie Jourdan

Charlélie is a communication strategist
with an expansive insight into creating
European-wide communication

As the co-Founder and former Creative
Director of Old Continent, the Brussels based Public Communications Agency,
Charlélie has worked on over 300 projects
in the last 6 years, and he and his team
have evolved the communication of
clients such as the European Parliament,
the European Commission, Google, Intel,
WWF and others, with strategic insights
and effective creative implementation.

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